Uh..hello, again!

Okay, okay…

I’m really bad at this whole website thing. Let’s be honest, it’s quite high maintenance if you’re already working quite a lot. I totally confess that since my last post I’ve probably only been ‘actually working’ for like less than half that time…and even then in fits and starts but that’s freelance work for you!

Since..ahem…August…I’ve done a lot. It might just be easier to insert my calendar here but I need something to do so I’ll mock up a timeline!



September: Placement!

October: Placement and some freelance work!

November: One gruelling 12 hour shift and a lot of shadowing!

December: Okay, okay, I admit I slacked off here. A bit of shadowing and a lot of staying at the girlfriends…


January: Right, super lazy. I went on holiday snowboarding and did jack all else.

February: Some shadowing and another holiday…

March: Absolutely crazy, I worked basically every day (yes, including weekends) and I even sorted my tax code out so..I did adult things!

April: Well, it looks like March to be honest. Though there’s still a lot of it left so that could always change but for now it’s hectic.


I think since August I’ve driven about 5,000 miles, which is ridiculous. A lot of driving up and down the M6, and a lot of driving to MediaCity too. Though, fun fact, parking’s free at MediaCity if you get there at 5am..so…here’s to saving myself £3.50 a day because of breakfast radio! Cheers!

I’m not sure what I’m going to be using this site for anymore. Probably just to write stuff down whenever I feel like it. Half professional, half personal. Or like, professional stuff put down in a personal manner because, let’s face it, I’m no writer.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’m going to backdate some reviews I did and pretend I actually did stuff between August and now…

Inabit x


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