Earworm of the Month: Auld Wives – Bear’s Den

I’m a big Bear’s Den fan so I don’t really think it’ll come as a surprise for anyone that this is Earworm of the Month for July.

They’ve got a new album coming out later this month, ‘Red Earth & Pouring Rain’, and I am PSYCHED. Their debut album still gets regular plays in the car and on running playlists and at home and just…everywhere.

Auld Wives offers something a bit stronger from Bear’s Den. They’re down from 3 men to 2 but showing a slightly darker and more aggressive side on this first taste of the album. We’re talking less banjo and more electric guitar.

Though who knows what’s in store for the rest of it? This is, after all, only one song.

I’m still expecting big things. Stay tuned.


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