An Ode to Manchester: Manc Melody

Way way back in the faraway days of October I set about making an audio soundscape of Manchester that was to be accompanied by a poem.

Throughout the extended period between then and now this piece and initial idea has developed far from its starting point and become a feature documentary about Manchester, poetry and homesickness.

I’m not quite sure how it took on such a transformation, but it did. And I’m proud of it nonetheless.

This is my final piece that, I suppose, showcases all the skills I’ve learnt at University…scripting, recording, editing and producing.

The most important element of this piece that I wouldn’t have been able to contribute is, without doubt, the poem. THE poem. The absolute genius and lovely man that wrote that is Monkey PoetI cannot thank Matt enough for giving me his time and talent. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and one of the most intelligent people you’ll ever come across.

I’m very very pleased to present to you ‘An Ode to Manchester: Manc Melody’…

It’s probably worth mentioning that this won an award judged by experienced radio broadcaster Dan Damon and will be (in some form) exhibited at The Wilson, Cheltenham, on June 8th!


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