My Eternal Flame: Torches

I shall pre-face this post by wishing Foster The People’s debut album ‘Torches’ a very happy 5th Birthday.

It’s not often really that you sit down and properly think about music that you’ve grown up with and take some time to appreciate it. For me, ‘Torches’ is a very very sentimental album and one I can still listen to and enjoy as much now as a young adult as I did when I was an angsty teenager trying to find my way in the world. I mean, I’m still doing that but I’m much more informed and better equipped to do so!

It’s an album full of electronically infused pop jams that can range from happy and upbeat, Call It What You Want and Houdini are 5* bangers, to the more considered and mellow like Waste or I’d Do Anything for You. On the surface it sounds all lovely, synthetic and Summery but if you really listen it has so much more to offer. Lyrically it’s quite profound. Themes cover homelessness, personal loss and you can’t ignore the gun violence tackled on Pumped Up Kicks. 

I think in my teenage world it allowed me to access topics that I wouldn’t have otherwise accessed and it gave me the sounds and words to express things I felt that I couldn’t necessarily communicate or decipher. That’s the beauty of music in all times but this is the album that really helped me through my teenage years, and that is priceless.

I know Broken Jaw isn’t on ‘Torches’ but it’s my fave. So. ENJOY.


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