Gig Review: Eliza Shaddad

It’s been a long time since I first heard Eliza Shaddad’s music. It was probably towards the end of 2014, a little after the release of her ‘Waters’ EP so it felt like I’d been waiting a long time to see her live but nothing could have prepared me for the performance she put on at The Castle.

With Make It Go Away from latest EP ‘Run’ as the opener, it was a moving start that continued to be absolutely captivating as the songs grew more intense. Wars was gritty live, with a bit of feedback only adding to the whole experience.

If there’s one thing that impressed early and stood out through the night it was Shaddad’s vocal ability and how it ranged from being so soft in tracks like Alright Again to being pretty haunting in Always. 

Despite only just releasing another EP, there was room on the set for some new songs. Slow Down was an emotional track whilst In The Morning was more upbeat, if anything further proving Shaddad’s writing talents, as if you weren’t already sure of them, and giving everyone in the room something to look forward to hearing again (hopefully soon!!).

Wrapping up the evening was Run, the (not so final) final song! The inevitable encore was a rapturous rendition of Waters with the audience clapping and singing along, it was the perfect end to a stunning evening.

This gig was one of those you feel lucky walking out of, knowing the next time you see them it sure as hell will be in a bigger venue with more people every bit just as enchanted as you.


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