Music and Matters of the Heart

Music + Romance = Absolute correlation. A simple equation that I actually relate to and understand.

Music has a profound effect on my relationships, romantic or not, and always has a way of connecting me to people, places and, perhaps most important, memories. It’s just something that’s so natural now. You have ‘those’ bands or songs that you associate with certain times in your life and every time you hear them you get all nostalgic.

Lately, there have been a lot of tracks cropping up in shuffle that have been an absolute heavyweight punch right in my feels. I’ve got a whole playlist dedicated to songs I can’t listen to without crying and thinking of ‘that special someone’ and for some reason they’ve all been pushing their beautiful, yet quite painful to listen to, melodies and lyrics on to me lately. Maybe it’s a sign. It’s probably not. (But it could be, right?)

ANYWAY. Let me share just one of countless songs that puts my heart under arrest. Ouch. It’s Bon Iver. It needs no more explanation.




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