Earworm of the Month: Touch – Shura ft. Talib Kweli

March’s Earworm award can go to no other than the wonderful Shura!

I know, I know, Touch isn’t really new. Its been buzzing around my head for two years. It was one of those completely random, accidental but absolutely fantastic Soundcloud discoveries. You know the ones? You barely notice your playlist has ended, busy occupied with some work when your attention is seized by something fresh and utterly dreamy.

ANYWAY. Touch had a facelift ready for Shu’s recently announced debut album! Featuring Talib Kweli, it’s still the mother of all chill out tunes just with a little added intensity and relatable relationship woes. I’ve seen people bitching online about his “unnecessary” verses but, in my humble opinion, Kweli’s verses add another dimension and don’t at all feel out of place with the track’s 80s pop vibe.

The thing Touch has that always gets me is THAT bass line and THOSE little synth hooks. Those are the things that have had this song rattling around my brain more than any other this month. Fair play, like.

‘Nothing’s Real’ is 100% going to be one of my favourite albums of the year and I’ve double pre-ordered for good measure (because I definitely need my vinyl collection and iTunes to feel equally loved). You can get on board here. It’s out July 8th.


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