Gig Review: Twenty One Pilots

I don’t often see bands live twice. I don’t know why. Generally it’s probably that “been there, done that” attitude, I get a bit anxious that the second time won’t be as good as the first and it’ll just taint my whole view. But Twenty One Pilots are a special band live. They don’t do things like other bands. I’ve never seen a performance that has as much passion, energy and just sheer commitment than Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. For a two man band, they make one hell of a big noise.

Kicking off with Heavydirtysoul and Stressed Out, the first two tracks from sophomore record ‘Blurryface’the crowd we all in it from the start. An early highlight of the show had to be listening to thousands of Mancunians rapping along to Guns For Hands and Migraine, not a single word missed or unheard.

A mid-show medley gave the audience a chance to remember old favourites like The Pantaloon, Addict with a Pen and Forest, tracks that don’t necessarily jump to the front of your mind when you think of Twenty One Pilots but remain integral to the fans and the identity of TOP.

It wouldn’t be a Twenty One Pilots show without Tyler Joseph climbing something though and Car Radio provided the perfect moment for Joseph to disappear from the stage only to reappear at the back of Manchester Academy on a plinth, the crowd shifting across the venue to catch the end of the song.

Returning to the stage for their encore to deafening chants for more, Dun and Joseph ended an incredible 22 song set with Trees and a drum off in the crowd that had kept pace with them every step of the way.


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