Earworm of the Month: Genghis Khan – Miike Snow

Miike Snow are fantastic, aren’t they?

Black & Blue from their self-titled debut album would be included in my top 10 favourite songs around 67% of the times I think about my all time top 10, but I think Genghis Khan has the potential to blow that percentage out the water. I’m talking over 75%.

Genghis Khan is gaining a lot of my affection. I’ve listened to it several hundred times this February and I’m glad that it’s a leap year in 2016 just so I can make the most of it being my earworm of the month.

There’s literally nothing I don’t like about this song. The piano stabs are 10/10 fantastic, the lyrics win the additional award of ‘Best Lyrics to Scream in the Shower’ and the vocal sampling is absolutely perfect. Repetition at its finest. It’s just a winning formula.

The other cuts we’ve heard from Miike Snow’s upcoming 3rd release ‘iii’ make me sure it’s going to be one of my favourite albums of the year, especially because Heart Is Full and I Feel The Weight sound NOTHING like each other, or Genghis Khan. Should make for an interesting listen.


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