A new Radio Show!

Starting a new show is always exciting. There’s so much to think about and to consider; what are you going to play? What are you going to talk about? How long is it going to be? Who’s involved?
Anything could happen, infinite opportunities with your new blank space.

So here’s a good chance to talk about a new show that I’m doing with four other fantastic people as part of a module!

Introducing: Morning Glory!

It’s always quite difficult to explain what we’re going to do but to be honest anything could happen. I can, however, promise that we’ll be playing great music, having fun, being challenged (to do pretty much anything, you’ll see…) and talking to people and finding out their stories.

I asked Executive Producer Jack what she would say about the show and she replied with, “I’d say it’s an upbeat variety show aimed at late teens and 20 year olds where we talk to people about life, the universe and anything and generally try to find the silver lining in a cynical society.”

So there you have it.

Morning Glory launches Friday 29th January on Tone Radio.

Interact with us: Facebook. Twitter.


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