Gig Review and Interview: Bear’s Den

There was a long queue stretching round Bristol’s Trinity Centre full of cold but excited people waiting to see Bear’s Den. This gig was not one to miss after a long stretch of Summer festival appearances and European dates, the band are finally back on home territory to wrap up their tour with a few sold out gigs.

Opening with current single Elysium, the band played through their debut album ‘Islands’ and impressively moved around the stage playing various instruments from drums to guitar, to banjo and bass.

Think of England and Magdalene were particular crowd pleasers with pretty much everyone joining in clapping and singing. Though there were moments of quiet amongst what was a loud gig when the band wandered into the crowd to perform Bad Blood unplugged. It gave Bear’s Den a real chance to show off their perfect harmonies, and they were literally perfect throughout the whole evening.

Not content with playing through established favourites, two new songs were thrown into the mix. Red Earth and Pouring Rain and Roses On a Breeze gave the crowd something to look forward to in the future. They were tracks that are distinctly Bear’s Den but with a new edge, building on what the band have already achieved with their debut.

Agape felt like a proper end to the evening with the crowd really letting go – the volume at a record high for the night. I don’t know when I’ll next see Bear’s Den but after a gig like that I know I’ll be spinning ‘Islands’ on repeat to alleviate my post-gig depression!

You can also check out my interview with Andrew Davie below!


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